Tubs and Showers with
Attached Walls

Fiberglass tubs and showers that come as an ensemble with
prefabricated wall pieces can provide economic advantages over
other possible choices.

•        The area covered by the wall units reduces the amount of
material and labor required to finish a bath alcove assembly.

•        When properly assembled, they provide a long term solution
to joint seals and leakage where the walls meet the basins.

•        They are relatively inexpensive and durable, providing a
good return on investment for the purchase price.

•        They are easy to clean and have very low maintenance

•        They come in a broad array of sizes and motifs.

These products are available as one piece units, two pieces (basin
and three-sided wall unit) and four piece units (basin and three wall
parts).  With one and two piece units, you have to be certain that
you can get the thing into your house and into your bathroom.  
They’re not heavy, but they’re big.  Be sure to wear your work
gloves: Fiberglass splinters are probably the most painful kind you
can get.

For these types of units, the tub or shower pan has got to be
placed perfectly level.  If the base part is off level by even the
smallest fraction of an inch, the wall units will not seat correctly.  A
fraction of an inch at the base gets exaggerated greatly at the top
because of the height of the panels and the tightness of the
supporting framework.  Discrepancies at the bottom result in gaps
between the walls and the basin, between adjoining wall panels,
and in the line-up of the tops of the panels with each other.

While these units come in a wide choice of sizes (especially shower
units), you are still limited by what is available on the market.  Also,
the majority of the shower pan products that are available are
intended for above-floor installation, meaning that they are not