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Precision Remodeling, Inc.
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Home modification is a sensible way to maintain an
independent lifestyle in the accustomed setting of one's own
home.  Alteration of basic household features to
accommodate changing physical abilities may significantly
extend the length of time that a person can continue to
safely reside in the place they have called "home" for many
years.  Reasonable accommodations need not be
General Remodeling and Home Improvement

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when the time comes for a major overhaul, there are many points
to consider.  
Walk-In tubs: The soaker’s dream.
Roll-In (barrier free) showers: The ultimate in versatility and
Regular tubs and showers:  Why tinker with a winning formula?
Bath area cleaning and maintenance: The chore I love to hate.
Do you really need a new one?  Not really. . .
The process: What are you getting into when you change your
There is no solution free of drawbacks.  What is right for you is
the balance between the positives and the negatives.  But only
you can figure that out.  So here they are, the positives and the
negatives, no holds barred.

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